welcome fall season

‘Tis the season for colorful leaves, pumpkin spice, crisp outdoor air, and scaring small children with your over-the-top Halloween decorations. Yes, autumn is finally upon us!

So how do you take advantage of (arguably) the best season of the year? I’ve assembled some ideas to inspire you and help you enjoy the beautiful fall season.

1. Enjoy the Cooler Weather

fall weather cool air

Get outside and enjoy the crisp autumn air! Take a bike ride, go on a walk, make your daily perimeter check (that’s for the prison guards and paranoid landowners reading- shout out!), or just open a window and let that sweet, sweet cool breeze inside.

If you live somewhere hot with little seasonal change, I’m with you! Not physically – that would be creepy. I just mean that I understand. Also, turn around. I actually am with you physically.*

*Just a little Halloween prank from your friend Paige! Gotcha!

2. Admire the Beautiful Fall Scenery

autumn scenery fall colors

Red, orange, gold, other colors…the trees are absolutely gorgeous when the weather cools.

Again, for those of us with relatively little seasonal change, this one can be a little trickier. If you’re pining for some beautiful fall colors, check out these videos:

Bonus! Play in the leaves!

3. Bust Out Your Fall Wardrobe

It’s time for – you guessed it – SWEATER WEATHER, BABY! Finally, you can bundle up in cozy layers again! Forget about achieving that perfect beach body and start hiding it under chunky, wool sweaters.

And there is no wrong way to dress for fall! For example, this may be your aesthetic:

fall sweater

Or this:

fall aesthetic

Or this:

fall aesthetic

Or this, which is actually my year-round aesthetic:

hay man autumn aesthetic

4. Dress Exclusively in Costume Leading Up to Halloween

This is another option for the more bold of us. Tired of being yourself every single day? This is the perfect time of year to pretend to be someone else! Whether you dress as your favorite movie character or your next-door neighbor, this is the time to take on a new identity and really get into the Halloween spirit early.

Need inspiration? Look no further! Here are some of the hottest costume ideas of the season:

sad rabbit costume halloween
Sad Rabbit Looking Into the Distance


blissful child bear costume
Blissful Child Bear


confetti beard the viking king
Confetti Beard the Viking Fairy King


emaciated charlie chaplin who has seen some things
Emaciated Charlie Chaplin who has Seen Some Things

5. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate

fall gourds

Now that you’re decked out in your autumn wardrobe, it’s time to bring the fall spirit to your house! Here are some easy ways to make your home more festive:

  • GOURDS, GOURDS, GOURDS! They only cost like a dollar or two, so fill up your house with as many gourds as you can carry! I like to get so many gourds that people say things like, “Why do you have so many gourds?” and “This is too many gourds for one house,” and “Seriously, what is your deal with gourds?” It’s a great conversation starter.
  • Pennant Banners and Paper Crafts – These are easy to make and really add some fall flair to your home. You can find paper inspiration here, here, and here.
  • Human skulls and stuffed crows – Am I talking about real human skulls or the fake ones from the craft store? You decide! This is for the hardcore Halloween fans who want to really make an impact with their decor. You can toss in some live spiders for an extra spooky look.

Tip: Do not bring a bunch of fall leaves inside and tape them to your wall because they will eventually dry out and crumble and get EVERYWHERE. Oh, that’s obvious, you say? Well, tell that to my college freshman self who did this and got leaf crumbles all over her bed and her roommate’s stuff.

6. Add Pumpkin Spice to Literally All of Your Food

eating raw pumpkins
Or bite into a raw pumpkin!

It’s Pumpkin Spice Season, people! And it’s not just for lattes anymore! I say, why not add pumpkin spice to all of your food? Think about it! Pumpkin spice pancakes, pumpkin spice bacon, pumpkin spice scrambled eggs…I don’t know why I’m only naming breakfast food, but it all sounds yummy to me!

Or if you’re not pumpkin spice obsessed like I am, try out these 35 Healthy Fall Recipes from TheGreatist. They’ll get you in the spirit with some autumn deliciousness.

7. Feast on Candy Corn

fall candy corn

The most divisive issue of our time is probably the candy corn debate – some people love it, others hate it with a burning passion. If you, like me, look forward to pouring bags of Autumn Mix candy corn straight into your open mouth when fall rolls around, IT’S TIME TO FEAST!

If you’re a candy corn hater but you still want to take part in the fall festivities, may I suggest stomping on it in your fall galoshes or violently shaking it and screaming, “WHY?!” Or perhaps burn it in some sort of Halloween ritual fire! See, everyone can be included in the fun!

8. Cozy Up with a Good Book

fall book with leaves

Fall is the perfect time to crack open a book and snuggle in. Or it’s the perfect time to put some tea on a book and cover it with leaves like the picture above suggests. It’s up to you!

Or read some of these literary autumn quotes to feel extra festive!

9. Go Apple Picking

fall apple picking

Ahh, a classic fall activity!

Think this is just for those lucky folks in the Pacific Northwest or the East Coast? Think again! If I can find an apple orchard in Las Vegas, Nevada, I’m betting you can find one near you, too!

BONUS: Make your own apple pie or spiced cider with the apples you pick! Y-U-M!

10. Carve Pumpkins

carving pumpkins

More gourds and a chance to express your creativity! Will you carve a classic Jack-o-lantern? Perhaps a self-portrait? Or maybe a message to those pesky neighborhood kids that if they touch your pumpkins, you’ll have their heads? Don’t worry, it’s all in fun! But they better not touch my pumpkins. HAHA! FUN!

BONUS: Roast your pumpkin seeds and have a crunchy fall snack!

11. Throw a Mysterious Halloween Dinner Party

mysterious halloween dinner party

Step 1: Invite all of your friends over for a costumed dinner party.

Step 2: When everyone is mingling and enjoying themselves, cut the power and plunge the party into darkness.

Step 3: Quickly toss a fake-blood-covered mannequin into the center of the room and let out a spine-tingling shriek.

Step 4: Turn the lights back on. Everyone will think someone has been murdered! What fun!

Step 5: When people realize the murdered person is fake, repeat steps 2-4 again and continue to do so throughout the party. People find it more fun every time you do it and not at all annoying when it keeps interrupting their conversations. “Ha, ha!” they will scream in delight, “This is the most mysterious dinner party I have ever been to! Hats off to the host!”


Photo Credits: Candy Corn By liz west [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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